A Rolls Royce Olympus Turbine Stator Disc Side/Coffee Table


This is a glass topped table made from the Turbine Stator Discs removed from a Rolls Royce Olympus TM3B Gas Turbine which belonged to the Royal Navy.

The engine was removed from one of the Invincible Class Aircraft Carriers and probably served on all three ships in the class – The HMS Ark Royal, The HMS Illustrious & The HMS Invincible.

Due to the MoD’s policy of destroying all service records when they decommission a ship it is impossible to ascertain which ship the engine ended up on – but knowing how they serviced and rotated all the available engines we can confidently say that the engine was off The HMS Ark Royal / The HMS Illustrious & The HMS Invincible.

The glass is made from toughened iron free glass in order to make it clearer.

The base the Stator Disc sits on was designed for me by two Design Students at Brunel University.

This is a magnificent table which would look wonderful in either an office or a home environment.

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