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Southern Cliff Design was started in order to find uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away or destroyed.

The project started during a visit to a building site where there were a number of oak beams that were going to be burnt due to them not being long enough to turn into anything useful for the building. Rather than let this happen they were  saved, repurposed and used to make a number of  beautiful individual wine racks, which were then sold.

From Small Beginnings !!!

From there we became aware of many items that seemingly no longer had a purpose – when all it took was a bit of vision to be able see what could be created …… From an ex Royal Navy Rolls Royce Olympus Gas Turbine engine, that had been used on HMS Ark Royal we created a number of fantastic mirrors and coffee tables.

Rolls Royce Olympus Gas Turbine Engine by Southern Cliff Design
Rolls Royce Olympus Gas Turbine Engine

To a number of magnificent coffee tables and mirrors ….

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