Southern Cliff Design

Designing & Creating Furniture from Recycled & Ethically Sourced Materials

Southern Cliff Design was started in order to find uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away or destroyed.

The project started whilst David was visiting a building site and he saw a pile of oak beams that were going to be burnt due to them not being long enough to turn into anything useful for the building. Rather than let this happen they were  saved and used to make a number of  beautiful individual wine racks.

This is the first wine rack that was made, a 6 bottle oak wine rack.

From this small rack we made a large number with the first batch being sold just before Christmas 2014

From here other ideas took shape from tennis racket mirrors to coffee tables made from engine parts from a Rolls Royce Olympus engine.

Rolls Royce Olympus Gas Turbine…

Turned into this!


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